Chapters In California

Aegir's Hall - Lodi, CA (The Kingdom of Westmarch) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Etah Landshark (916) 893-2450
Regent: Nameloc
Records: Kind (916) 849-0256
Champion: Karcake
Aegir's Hall meets at Legion Park, 835 S Hutchins St Lodi, CA 95240 on Sundays starting at 1pm. Our core group consists of people from Galt, Lodi, and Modesto CA. Contact Etah for more information.
Ashen Spire - Santa Clara, CA (The Kingdom of Westmarch) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Ranvier
Regent: Skye
Records: SeVirux
Champion: Tevas
/////// Regular Meetup Day: 1:30 - 6:00 PM === (Bowers Park) 2570 Cabrillo Ave, Santa Clara, CA /////// Please see our website for more information or feel free to contact our Monarch, Regent, Prime Minister (records), or Champion ///////
Aureas Saltus - Martinez, CA (The Freeholds of Amtgard) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Fayt Horizon (925) 788-2606
Regent: Laianna Valkin (925) 565-5531
Records: Arriana Hale (925) 595-9695
Champion: Orcrin Valkin (925) 727-8108
California Amtgard. Shire of Aureus Saltus. Park Officers Sheriff: Michael Beiermann (Fayt Horizon) Regent: Jennifer Payne-Wagner (Laianna Valkin) Chancellor: Victoria Frazer (Arriana Hale) Shire Champion: Simon Hunt (Orcrin Valkin) Meets used to be held every Sunday from 11:00am-7:00pm at Hidden Valley Park, but due to construction on the park we will be meeting at Hidden Lakes Park until further notice. Any questions, feel free to contact the Park Officers at any time. Old Address: 1798 Center Ave, Martinez, CA 94553 New Address: [1-34] Morello Ave, Martinez, CA 94553
Crimson Sanctum - La Canada, CA (The Kingdom of Westmarch) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Daedreth
Regent: Dread Pirate Wesley
Records: Alleana
Champion: Hedric Lanscap
Crimson Sanctum currently plays once a week. On Fridays, it is held at Hahamongna Watershed Park in La Caņada/Pasadena; start time is 3:30PM. Hahamongna Watershed Park Description: ... ies.asp#10 Address: None, as the park is *huge*; nearest structure is La Caņada High School at 4463 Oak Grove Drive, La Caņada CA Directions: Exit the 210 freeway at Berkshire Pl. (exit 22A) Turn Right (East) onto Berkshire Pl. Turn Left (North) onto Oak Grove Dr. Turn Right (East) into Hahamongna Watershed (Oak Grove) Park. Turn Left - deeper into the park. Turn Right at the stop sign. Turn Right into the parking lot. We will be across the field by the fire hydrant. Google maps coordinates: Unknown road @34.193000, -118.175260 Phone: (626) 744-7275 This information will be updated as changes occur.
Crimson Wood - Rohnert Park, CA (The Kingdom of Westmarch) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Mananan
Regent: William
Records: Baernoir (707) 484-1803
Champion: Shadowsword
Contact: Stone (707) 322-1533
Location: Eagle Park in Rohnert Park Time: Saturdays 11-3 Description: A good amount of players ranging from new to veteran. We try our best to balance how often we ditch vs how often we do battlegames. In most cases two battlegames per day. Home of the 'Briny Deep'.
Diablo's Cauldron - Concord, CA (The Kingdom of Westmarch) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: none
Regent: none
Records: none
Champion: none
The Shire of Diablo's Cauldron meets every Saturday at Newhall Park in Concord, CA at 12 in the afternoon. We are always happy to have visitors and new recruits! "Forever shall the cauldron boil!"
Flaming Pyres - Lucerne Valley, CA (The Freeholds of Amtgard) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Drakeon
Regent: Dea Faye
Records: April (760) 684-3840
Champion: Dickis
Pioneer Park is located on the cross streets of Old Woman Springs Road and Ladera Avenue next to the fire department in Lucerne Valley, CA. Meeting times are Sunday from 12:00 pm til last one standing.
Mistyvale - Sacramento, CA (The Freeholds of Amtgard) (Records)
Monarch: Blackfang Red-moon (916) 274-9786
Regent: Therrin Greycloud (916) 807-6672
Records: Therrin Greycloud (916) 807-6672
Seven Sleeping Dragons - San Luis Obispo, CA (The Kingdom of Westmarch) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Sir Deimos
Regent: Lady Faye
Records: Countess Gwendair
Champion: Lord Kairos
The Barony of the Seven Sleeping Dragons meets Saturdays from 1-4PM. Our current meeting place is at Santa Rosa Park, just off Highway 1 in San Luis Obispo, CA. For more information, visit or contact one of our officers.
Siar Geata - Carlsbad, CA (The Kingdom of Westmarch) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Jolly Green Giant
Regent: Sybilla
Records: Karissa D'ann (760) 814-7192
Champion: Fuzzy McFistacuffs
We meet Saturdays, at 1:00pm (but don't get rolling until 1:30) in Poinsettia Park in Carlsbad. We meet On the right side of the park from the entrance, all the way in the back. Map, provided by Lucas the Lost:
Silver Sun - Santa Barbara, CA (The Kingdom of Westmarch) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Taly (805) 367-3660
Records: Taly (805) 637-3660
Contact: Randy (805) 284-4244
Look for silversun on facebook and meetup
Sunset Cliffs - San Diego, CA (The Kingdom of Westmarch) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Levi Mason
Records: Milan (858) 699-5777
Contact: Milan (858) 699-5777
Contact: Tweak
The new location for Sunset Cliffs is Wells Park in El Cajon.
Thor's Refuge - Sacramento, CA (The Kingdom of Westmarch) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Porkins
Regent: Der Viertelmeister
Records: Clenawe
Champion: Artemis Entreri
Contact: Sir Euric Bloodstone (916) 969-6533
We meet Sundays 12-4pm at Fair Oaks Park, on the corner of Madison and Fair Oaks, behind the library.
Wavehaven - Santa Cruz, CA (The Kingdom of Westmarch) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Mikzilla
Regent: Fiks
Records: Misty
Champion: Canara
Contact: Fiks
Wavehaven: The home of Amtgard in California! We meet weekly at Frederick Street Park in Santa Cruz, CA from 12:00 to 17:00 on Saturday. Come on by and swing some foam with the original Californian stick-jocks!
Westmarch Event Credits (The Kingdom of Dragonspine) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Sir Euric Bloodstone (916) 969-6533
Regent: Suraya
Records: Porkins
Champion: Gwendair
Contact: GMR-Sir Nakita
Westmarch is a floating crown. While we have no "Park" we host Feast of Mars every year in central California in the last week of September.
Wyvern's Spur - Berkeley, CA (The Kingdom of Westmarch) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Thistledown
Records: Azus (510) 827-6764
Where: Sundays at noon at Codornices Park in Berkeley - either on the ball field, or one of the open areas up the creek just north of the ball field. Check the website or find us on Facebook for any schedule changes
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