Chapters In Ohio

Bamph - Riverside , OH (The Freeholds of Amtgard) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Leon Wolfheart (937) 241-8683
Regent: Prometheous
Records: Kregoth Aetherbane (937) 321-4549
Champion: Erylak
Contact: Kregoth Aetherbane (937) 321-4549
Hello we are a fairly new park located at shellabarger park in riverside, we do amtgard the 1st and 3rd thursday of each month between 4pm and 8pm, the full name of the hold is Badlands of Bamph. come join us in all our games
Blackfire Pass - Columbus, OH (The Kingdom of the Rising Winds) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Squire Sandy (315) 415-7169
Regent: Squire Duriel
Records: Sir Thorvald Odinson (937) 935-5355
Champion: Squire Raven the Swift (937) 210-2143
Contact: Sir Juicy (614) 226-5626
Contact: Squire Chibasama, Ryuichiro (614) 226-4486
The Barony of Blackfire Pass, We meet every Sunday 1-6pm or until we tire of the fun, at James J Thomas Park Columbus, OH 43221. 0.5 miles North of Fishinger Rd on Riverside Dr. The park is on the West side of Riverside Dr. We play at the big stone pavilion We Welcome players at all levels of experience. We host our major Demo at Origins at the Columbus Convention Center located: 350 North High Street Columbus Ohio 43215 USA. Come on out and see us we have Flurbs, Artisans, Stick Jocks, and Newbs all whom live the Dream for our shared experience.
Thee Nights Legacy - Tiffin , OH (The Kingdom of the Rising Winds) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: MaA Kraiton den Macros
Regent: Squire Lord Khelos den Macros (419) 619-9112
Records: Lady Amileen den Macros (567) 232-0357
Champion: Drayin den Macros
Contact: WeaponMaster Nilrem Macros
We are The Barony of Thee Night's Legacy and we are now meeting on Sundays around noon at our winter home Hedges-Boyer Park in Tiffin, Ohio (typically at the American Legion pavilion). We will begin meeting at our summer home, Nature Trails Park in Tiffin, starting May 19th. Our park always will be devoted to honor above all. Text, Facebook, or e-mail for up-to-date info on our meetings.
Valley of the Firelake - Williamsfield, OH (The Freeholds of Amtgard) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Ramen (330) 980-3309
Records: Krotis (330) 980-3480
Champion: Tricky
Valley of the Forgotten Giants - New Carlisle, OH (The Kingdom of the Rising Winds) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Viklas the Mad
Records: Griswald Evermoor (937) 405-9031
Champion: Sittric
Contact: Spire Grimblade (937) 212-5398
Contact: Griz
We are the Valley of the Forgotten Giants. We meet at Smith Park in New Carlisle, OH on Wednesdays and Saturdays, usually starting around 3pm or 4pm till dark.
Valley of the Twin Rivers - Springfield, OH (The Kingdom of the Rising Winds) (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Amdair (937) 536-6174
Regent: Bolt
Records: Father Link
Champion: Malkav
Contact: Malkav
Contact: South Side (937) 215-5515
Valley of the Twin Rivers is an Amtgard Chapter in Springfield, Ohio. We meet on Sundays in Snyder Park. The park is located directly off OH 4, US 40, and only seconds from US 68. Our park has some nice features, including covered shelter houses, a fair amount of shade, and nearby woods and rivers which make for an awesome quest setting. We play lots of good old fashion ditch games, as well as fair mix of class battles and quests. We have regular A&S events. We meet around 1:00 PM or earlier, every Sunday, and play till 5:00 PM. Come on out and join us! MapQuest us for directions. We are at the intersection of Snyder Park Road and 40.
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