Chapters Of The Kingdom of the Golden Plains

Dark Oasis - Hobbs, NM (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Thurg Ironfist
Regent: Sir Renity
Records: Kazon (575) 942-9060
Champion: Sir Monkey
Contact: Progg
Contact: Kazon Ras
GM Reeve Sir Renity Dark Oasis is located in Hobbs, NM and meets at City Park at 1:00pm, which is located near the intersection of Clinton St. and Dal Paso St. in Hobbs, New Mexico.
Darkwater Hollow - Portales, NM (Records) (Website)
Monarch: David Contreras (806) 332-9565
Regent: Jennifer Prince (806) 332-9565
Records: John Howell (575) 318-9553
Meeting every Sat. 2pm at CUB at ENMU.
Evermore Hollow - Canyon, TX (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Squire Valacor E'Drien
Regent: Count Squire Nevon the Shrubber
Records: Anaea Rayen (432) 269-3779
Champion: Indanago
Evermore Hollow meets on Saturdays at 3:00pm until dark at Conner Park. We also host an A&S event every Monday at 5pm.
Irongate - Lubbock , TX (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Bloody Jack Flint
Regent: Rodnik Ferrowell
Records: Uther Retheu Ironfist
Champion: Hern Sablewolf
Contact: Uther Retheu Ironfist
Contact: Otto Von Muellar
We meet every Sunday from 2:00pm till whenever we get tired. We meet at Tech Terrace on 23th Street and Flint Ave
Nine Willows - Midland, TX (Records) (Website)
Monarch: Sir Wretch
Regent: Kismet Fyrechyld
Records: Black Bart (432) 349-3803
Champion: Paddles
Contact: Sir Wretch
The Glade of Nine Willows is an Amtgard chapter that is based in Midland, TX and is currently a Duchy under the Kingdom of Golden Plains. We have a great combination of fighters, roleplayers, and crafters that try to embrace all aspects of the game! NW meets at Hogan Park Saturdays at 12:00pm, which is located at the intersection of Lamesa and Wadley, normally at the circular or 'W' bench clusters. Come on out and join the fun!
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